Sunday, 29 April 2012

Firing in progress

The kiln-packing today went like a dream, as nearly all the work was ready wadded and much of a size, so that shelf-heights were easily selected and filled - packing was finished in an hour and a half. The packing team was Bobby Free, Perry Haas and Lindsey Carroll.
Firing started gently at 2.30.
As the afternoon progressed a crowd of neighbours and friends came by with delicious food and good company.
The forecasted snow never came, but it was cold.
The firing will last for 24 - 26 hours and it will be opened and emptied on Wednesday afternoon.
The road to Unionville from Helena: Oro Fino Gulch drive

The kiln from the rear
Firing starts - the first shift: Caleb and Clayton

Perry Haas

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