Monday, 30 April 2012

Firing over

Sunday was a brilliantly sunny day with almost no wind!
The kiln and the beautifully constructed kiln shed: all the wood used was felled on the property. 

Another view

Detail of handle - worked by Scott Walter and his father, Allan

Bobby Free and Perry Haas at the end of the firing

Bobby and Perry took the night shift, and by 7.30am when I came out to the kiln, cone 8 was down front and rear, top and bottom.  The day could then be spent holding the kiln at that good temperature, putting in a lot of bark to ensure plenty of ash on the pots, and generally enjoying the good company.
At 2:30pm, after 24 hours' firing, the stoking was beefed up a bit, which caused further cones to bend, and the final stoke was at 4pm.  Cone 10 was down, and 11 softening.....
Now we wait until Wednesday at 3pm to see the results.
Many thanks to all who took part in this firing - and special thanks to Scott for being such a good host and to Bobby  for giving me the chance to take the lion's share of the kiln chamber.

Resident Artistic Director of the Bray Steve Lee (Left) and Scott Walter on the tower roof

The entrance to Scott's house below the kiln-site, clad with reclaimed slate and granite from Old Helena.


Carolyn said...

I love following your blog, Priscilla, and seeing your work. I sure admire your energy! Now I'm waiting to see - at least a few - of the results from your residency at the Bray. It looks good from here.....

Carolyn said...
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woodfirer said...

Thanks, Carolyn!
I will put pictures up as soon as I can unload the car and get the pots into the light!