Saturday, 13 August 2011

Frueplads Craft Market, Copenhagen

Christian Bruun's striped porcelain cups: see him throwing them here

Porcelain by Christian Bruun

Mugs by Malene Møller Hansen

Malene Møller Hansen tries to keep her spirits up in the teeming rain....

The tower of Vor Frue Kirke reflected in  Pernille Mouritzen's glass display box.

Hans and Birgitte Börjeson, market veterans, with salt-glazed pots in new and delicate colours


Ron said...

Hi Priscilla , I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you for all the photos and links. It was neat to see Hans and Birgitte there with their pottery. I have only seen their work in books so it was nice to visit their website and it sparked my passion for salt glazing. (which I did for about 14 years.) I wrote a post about them on my blog today wondering about one of their techniques.

Ron in NC, USA

lynny said...

I too am a lover coloured porcelain, thx for sharing an image of Christians work. Love your blog from the other side of the world :) Australia

Kari Lønning said...

I haven't been to a craft market in Denmark. The quality and originality of the work you showed looks very high. (I originally trained as a potter ... many, many years ago.)