Friday, 5 August 2011

Estonia - the rest of the story

Ink and wash drawing done at the start of the second firing

Somehow, writing the blog has been out of my mind for a good long time. So now, after a quick trip to England to collect the work from my exhibition in Southwold, I am going to round off the story.
I now have all the work I brought back from Flagstaff and from Kohila together in one place and can look at it and see just what came out of all the travelling, making and firing, summer, 2011.

The large piece I made at Kohila was the one that pleased me most: made to stand out in the park, and to acquire a patina of moss and lichen, it has an old tombstone-like quality already, and the two words, "Kured" (Storks) and "Konnad" (Frogs), reversed on the other side, can be read when one comes up close. It is meant as a celebration of the number of storks nesting around Kohila - storks in Denmark are less successful as there are not the same huge numbers of frogs. In the grass of Tohisoo Manor park you had to look where you trod to avoid stepping on them. Rich pickings for storks.

The little round pinched pots I made at Flagstaff and at Kohila also are very successful: the pit-fired ones from Flagstaff are intensely black with white shadows - but not watertight - does this matter? One from Kohila was painted with kiln wash and has grey and white tones, with brown-gold speckles from the sprayed-in wheat bran.

This wheat bran was not appealing on my porcelain bowls where it splattered a toffee-like layer, rather superficially wherever it struck or stuck....I will try re-firing them as high as possible to see if that will temper it a bit.

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