Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Looking at the work from Flagstaff

Now that I have finally got a new camera (my previous camera had spots on the image) I have been sorting and photographing the work I brought back from my residency at Northern Arizona University in April/May this year.
Pinched and coiled pot, 20cms tall

Pinched and coiled pot, other side

Spider cup 1

Spider cup 2

Spotted bowl with ash glaze drip

Bowl 10cms diameter

And then the pit-fired favourites - all were made in the same fine grained white stoneware.

These are all small - at most 12 cms tall

On the left with terracotta terra siggalata


Taylor said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Flagstaff. I love that place.

Arte Cerâmica Zen said...

I like this artwork...wnderfulll

Patricia G said...

Thank you for your reply. Great blog! I went right back through to the beginning in 2008. So much involved in your art. So skilled.

Katarina Bobić said...

Like your style! Awesome :)

Wen Redmond said...

love these pinch pots. serene pottery