Sunday, 2 November 2008

Riitta Talonpoika

Riitta Talonpoika from Fiskars in Finland is half way through a two month residency period at Guldagergaard where these photos were taken this morning . We are exhibiting together at Galerie Besson in London from the 18th November. See the new Galerie Besson site

I am having a break from stoking the Bourry Box kiln which I lit at 6am this morning.

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Griffen Samples said...

Hi Riitta,

We LOVE your work. We bought two of your glorious wine vessels (the ones with the built in clanker!) at Fiskars Village in Sept. There were only 2 or we would have bought more!

Can we order more? Wld love to have more of your work in our home.