Saturday, 1 November 2008

Kiln packed and ready to be lit!

At last I am about to fire the last bowls for the exhibition in London - there are about 50 bowls in the Bourry Box kiln, packed today. To fill all the space, and to take the brunt of the flames in the front of the kiln, I am lucky to have work of Nina Hole and Sten Lykke Madsen. Nina has been here today packing her pieces and will take a shift or two tomorrow. Conor Mclean who is currently working as an assistent at Guldagergaard will also be helping with the firing and has some work in it.
I will start it tomorrow in the early dawn - 5am? 6am? It is very cold here at the moment, so I'd rather spend the dark hours by the kiln when it is hot, than in the slow, cold starting phase. So perhaps it will be 7am.

We are still enjoying the Halloween pumpkins on the doorstep at Guldagergaard.... Network 2008 is in progress and the house is full of enthusiastic young ceramists.

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