Friday, 11 March 2011

More photos from "1000 Bowls"

In 1997 I exhibited1000 pinched bowls in Galerie Besson , London.
All the surfaces in the gallery were covered with bowls
They were sold directly from the show - there was no way of keeping track by numbers as people were encouraged to pick them up and move them round. 
Looking at the pictures now (after 13 years) I can still find my favourites.
These were definitely favourites
The door of Galerie Besson in the Royal Arcade, Old Bond Street
Speckely and stripey bowls
A year later, in 1999, I exhibited some bowls in the town of Haderslev, Jutland  


sfhdweb said...

Amazing set of bowls:)
Love it
nice creativity

sfhdweb said...
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Michel said...

Such captivating and inspiring work.

anthony finley said...

Great Work

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