Monday, 7 March 2011

More historic photos...

1000 Bowls - exhibited in 1996 in Rundetårn, Copenhagen, and in 1997 in Galerie Besson, London
Detail, checked bowls - 1000 bowls - no two alike
More bowls
And more
And a short flirtation with low fire terrasiggilata, fired in a bucket of sawdust
About 2002


FetishGhost said...

WoW! That's an amazing line-up.

Stefan Andersson said...

I would have liked to see that!

Mieke van Sambeeck said...

How wonderfull they look, must try the bucket firing, sounds very interesting.

woodfirer said...

After normal bisque firing (electric) to 950 degrees C, the bowls were buried in sawdust in a brazier and allowed to "smoke" while the sawdust slowly burnt down. A little forced air was blown in through holes in the base of the brazier to create a blaze.