Thursday, 27 January 2011

Firing in minus degrees at Guldagergaard

The temperature last night was minus 10 degrees centigrade by the time we had finished packing the kiln: "Networkers" seen here are from left: Andrew Parker (UK) Paul Reid (UK) and Crista Ames (USA). See more pictures of the Network Project here

The kiln was tended all night by Andrew, Paul and Stephen and was ready to start climbing in temperature this morning after the slow pre-heat they had controlled while warming themselves round a oil-drum brazier.
Hanne Mannheimer (SE/UK) Lauren Winstone (NZ) and Crista Ames (USA) plan the day's stoking

We are firing with ash and pine wood
The kiln is the "Skælskør Express" built by Robert Sanderson in 1999.

Lunch in Marc Lancet's oribe bowls

Noodles by the kiln

All the ash wood has to be cut to size (Richard Saaby operating the saw)
The kiln is now at 1280, cones are falling and we will be finished by dinner time

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