Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cup and Saucer competition

Today I am working on a possible entry for the Swiss competition - The Cup and Its' Saucer - which is being held in the city of Carouge. The deadline is the 30th March and details can be read here:

My problem is that I don't usually give my cups saucers, and a pinched porcelain saucer is a floppy, saggy affair - so I am having to experiment with possible ways of making it work and getting the feel of the cup sitting on the saucer in an acceptable way!

As to decoration - I have made six cups so far so will decorate them using several different themes: insects, termites, "Home Comforts" or perhaps a completely new series.
Only one cup and saucer can be submitted to the competion.

"Home Comforts" Cup 2007

Here is a cup with "Life Cycle of the Termite" - from 2006. The first picture is of the unfired cup, and the second after woodfiing when some of the decoration was veiled by carbon trapping.

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