Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cup and Saucer competition

Today I am working on a possible entry for the Swiss competition - The Cup and Its' Saucer - which is being held in the city of Carouge. The deadline is the 30th March and details can be read here:

My problem is that I don't usually give my cups saucers, and a pinched porcelain saucer is a floppy, saggy affair - so I am having to experiment with possible ways of making it work and getting the feel of the cup sitting on the saucer in an acceptable way!

As to decoration - I have made six cups so far so will decorate them using several different themes: insects, termites, "Home Comforts" or perhaps a completely new series.
Only one cup and saucer can be submitted to the competion.

"Home Comforts" Cup 2007

Here is a cup with "Life Cycle of the Termite" - from 2006. The first picture is of the unfired cup, and the second after woodfiing when some of the decoration was veiled by carbon trapping.


Anonymous said...

i really love the termite cup... beautiful

I'm Laura. said...

I love the termite cup, too- and the wonderful shape of the cups you make.
Do you carve the cups when they are leather hard and then fill in the dark?

p.s. Nice to meet you! I'm Laura.

Clementina van der Walt said...

priscilla, these cups are fabulous!!
a whole new direction in a way, very lekker. Congratulations, Clementina

mudheartpottery said...

I just love your work - that termite cup is great - I live where termites are absolutely voracious - we have to continually keep watch on houses here - wood only lasts a short time before they find it. I marvel at what you achieve with the humble pinch pot - its an inspiration!