Saturday, 28 February 2009

Clay Studio of Missoula "Potsketch"

This week I did the Clay Studio of Missoula Potsketch fund-raising drawing and posted it back to them. Getting the pack, with paper, return envelope, international reply-paid coupon and fine soft green pencil is such a treat - it triggered off a whole lot more drawing- once their little square was filled - I had to go on. I didn't use the green pencil, but a scratchy mapping pen, sepia ink and watercolours. This time I filled the square of paper edge to edge...
I had an exhibition at the Clay Studio in 2006 and remember how strange it felt sending a whole exhibition off by air freight to be exhibited in a place I had never seen. The pictures are still on Flickr so I'll post some here. All but two were fired in my electric kiln.
The Clay Studio is one of the growing list of places I would like to spend time at as Artist in Residence.

These are some of the bowls from the 2006 exhibition.

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Anonymous said...

Great bowls... i especially like the 3rd one. Curious about this Potsketch thing, i attended U of Montana for 1 year in 1983... got to work with Rudy.