Friday, 2 October 2015

Fiskars Residency

Yesterday evening I arrived at Fiskars, Finland to start a month's Artist-in-Residence stay.
A flight of under two hours from Copenhagen to Helsinki, bus to the Central Station, one hour's train journey almost due west, a twenty-minute bus ride, and I had arrived. 
This morning I have opened up the studio below the house, located my clay delivery down the hill, looked at the kiln which I am going to fire together with Riita Talonpoika; and now work begins.

View from the AIR house porch 
First night: wood shop below the AIR house
The Clock Tower this morning

My clay order had been delivered to the Clock Tower Building
Peaceful Fiskars

The kiln

Transport of clay

Scarva "Glacier" porcelain
Pinching "Glacier" porcelain
Studio waiting to be filled with work

Evening light

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