Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Decorating cups for the wood kiln

Today I have decorated the last of the 9 huge cups I have made (all pinched in porcelain) for the firing which is going to start this Saturday (24th) in the Bourry Box kiln here in Fiskars.
The wood kiln

 Autumn in Fiskars is very beautiful, and very quiet - next weekend will be different though as there is going to be a Light Art Festival: "Lux Helsinki" comes to Fiskars. 

From the Fiskars Village homepage:
"As a part of the Fire&Light theme, CulturaMobila- a community arts partnership-, will perform plays every Saturday at 7 pm , during this theme. CulturaMobila is known from their powerful outdoor spectacles which have included the following elements: Giant Dolls, Fire Sculptures, installations, sounds and illuminations. Venue place for these shows is Copper Smithys Black Hall".

This performance takes place close to where we will be firing the kiln on Saturday night!

Last small pinch pots drying today

Small plates made from Crank clay with different slips

Chair cup

Chair cup with pot plant

Another cup, same chair....

Different view of cup

Help from Nora Kinnunen in transporting the raw pots down to the bisque firing

The load from yesterday's bisque firing unpacked

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