Thursday, 8 October 2015

Day 6

53 pinched bowls - 28 in Glacier Porcelain, the rest in "Special" from Valentines, Stoke on Trent. After making all these, and 9 round pinched pots, what a treat to open a bag of "Craft Crank" and find that it can do anything you ask of it! Admittedly, its not translucent, pots are chunky and grainy - but it supports itself and suggests tall cylinders and round football shapes to me....
I have finally started my evening project - linocuts - and found how to reverse the photo I am using as source material for the first linocut. Open in Preview. Click "Flip"

The 53
Football 1 and football 2 in the making

Lino cutting tools lined up 
Evening view from the kitchen table where I am working on the linocuts

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