Friday 4 May 2012

The kiln opened

The expectant crowd

It snowed for the kiln opening

All looked very good

Little pinched expresso cup with pinched handle

Round and brown

Last pot in the kiln (Bobby Free's)

Work set out for farewell showing at the Bray Gallery this afternoon, with beer and Danish snacks served.
Wooden chopping boards and beautiful spoons by Scott Walter

Proper documentation of what I have made during my month at the Bray will follow when I get home next week. But the spider cups are good, I think. And cups with chairs are going to be developed further.
The two tall pots were fired standing on top of the bagwall - using all the good height there is in a catenary kiln. They are very pleasing, with the throwing rings accentuated by the flame. I love them and will have to fit them in and take them back with me. They make me think of the Staite Murray pots in the V and A, and here a wonderfully striped Staite Murray pot called "The Bather", which was included by Gordon Baldwin in the exhibition "Excitations" at York City Art Gallery recently.  The whole exhibition can be seen here.
And I see that the exhibition of Gordon Baldwin's own work, "Objects for a Landscape", also at York City Art Gallery, runs until 10th June and then tours to other places in Britain until summer 2013.
I will have to get over to see it. 

Insect and spider cups


Tracey Broome said...

Lovely work. I most like the way you displayed the bowls with the addition of wood pieces, very nice compliment to the clay!!

Patricia G said...

I like what you've done with color on your insect cups and glaze inside. Look forward to seeing more of your latest work. Isn't that kiln beautiful!

Cambria Pottery said...

Nice pictures of the kiln and work and crew. The displayed work is lovely would like to see the pieces in closer shots. Congratulations on all you accomplished there.