Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Decals from China

I was given a sheet of decals when I was in Lanzhou a year ago and have only now begun to use them: the first time I have ever used decals! The text translates as "The story of Ceramics", the line of camels seems to relate to Dunhuang and the Gobi desert, and the images are taken from from frescoes in the Mogao Caves near Dunhuang.
Some of the cups were wood-fired to 1300C before the decals were applied. The white cups were fired in an electric kiln to 1270C. Once the decals were applied and had dried, they were fired again to 800C.
As I only have one sheet of decals, this is a very limited production of "souvenirs" of the two
months I spent at the Lanzhou City University in 2018 and of our outing to Dunhuang, the desert and the magnificent Mogao Caves.

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