Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Pit firing in Shijiezi village, Gansu Province, China

Pots and some clay was brought by train from Lanzhou

We were driven to the village by taxi

A poster with the day's program hung in the village

Jin Le's father 

Jin Le, Professor of Sculpture and mayor of the village, with his father

Clay had been prepared
Holes were dug and edged with bricks
Pots ready to be placed in the pit

Pots had been bisque fired beforehand

Fong lighting his pit fire
Pots laid between grass and wood
Keaton Wynn gathering firewood
Fire lit

The fire catches
Lunch was served, some had bowls made last year from local clay
Pinchpot workshop
Jin Le's father making a pinch pot
The fire covered and left to burn down overnight
Recent wall carving in the village

Back to Lanzhou by high-speed train

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