Saturday, 9 March 2013


Sunrise around 6.30
A blackbird sat on the gate and sang

The start-up fire was in the style of Andres and Urmas - using up all the thin long wood
Egle inspects the firebox
I am firing the Bourry Box kiln - Skælskør Express" at Guldagergaard prior to departure for the US on the 19th March. In the kiln I have a quantity of salt pots for the shop at Danmarks Design Museum, and also some bowls for Santa Fe Clay's La Mesa exhibition at NCECA in Houston. And new vases. And some cups/mugs. 
Egle Paksyte (Guldagergaard's woodfire technician) and Nina Hole have work in the kiln too. They are firing now (13.30) as I started the firing at 6am. When I left it half an hour ago it was at 1100 degrees C. We will be going to just over 1300C.
There is a bitterly cold wind which makes it feel colder than it is: plus 1 or 2 degrees centigrade.

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