Sunday, 9 December 2012

Three day Julestue

Holding a three-day Christmas Sale/ "Julestue" has proved to be a good thing as the odds of the bad weather striking on all three days was unlikely. Now it is Sunday, and after two very successful days with streams of people all day, the snow has almost closed down Sjælland and the rest of Denmark today. The only visitor so far today has been Margrethe who lives across the way.

The view from the atelier this morning

On both Friday and Saturday I sold big pots - in each case they were wood-fired porcelain. Here is one of them. (Photographed before its firing scars were removed).
Porcelain jar fired in Olsen Cross-Draught kiln, Guldagergaard. Height: 40cms
The "Julestue" is held in our first floor atelier - not in my basement ceramics workshop!

Stars, hearts and planes....

A great number of porcelain lightholders have been sold - one customer bought eight!
But now it is nearly time to blow out the candles and close up for the night.


Patricia G said...

What lovely things in a gorgeous place.

andré pillay artworks said...

Like the organic look to your ceramics. Wonderful environment !