Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Firing over

The firing was started on Saturday evening, slowly, with a single gas burner. Stoking with wood started at 12 noon on Sunday. Today, Tuesday, the last stoke was at 17.00. 53 hours stoking in all. Cone 12 and 13 in front  were bending, top and bottom, and cone 11 in the rear "secret chamber" - where the glazes were shining.

Egle and the chimney- this amount of smoke was only seen at the very end of the firing

Kristel keeping the kiln log
Flags - this is a Baltic kiln!

Vintage Estonian matches were brought from Tallinn to light the kiln.

The first time the door was in place was when the firing was over. The entire firing was with an open stoke hole, "Shigaraki style".

Firing team:

The firing team
From Estonia:
Andres Allik
Urmas Puhkan
Pille Kaleviste
Kristel Saan
Kristina Merild
Evelin Kummel
Kaisa Laas
Martha Cæcilia Stewart
From Lithuania: Egle Paksyte
From Denmark: Priscilla Mouritzen

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Paula Ruuttunen said...

good job! congratulations! Hope to see the results in a few days. I liked the flags, also Finland was there!