Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Kiln completed today!

The last brick laid!

Small fire laid in the chimney

Earlier today. the welded frame for the chimney was lifted into place

The main workforce! Eric Knoche (USA), Andres Allik (Estonia) Kiln-designer and team-leader, and Paula Talvikki Ruuttunen (Finland)

The chimney
This kiln was built in 14 days -  every day was a work day - there were no weekends.


Hollis Engley said...

Beautiful. And I love the international workforce. Good luck with the first firing.

Eli Pastafangs said...

Great work!!!

Mark Smalley said...

What a fabulous kiln! Looking forward to seeing some of the results which emerge from it.

angela walford said...

brilliant work guys...so looking forward to seeing your kiln in action

Anne Pärtna said...

Hei! I know that guy! Andres is the man, when it comes to kilns, don't you think?!