Friday, 6 April 2012

Day 4

 This morning as I walked through this arch I saw two Canada geese sitting on top of the tall chimney in front of the studios.

In my studio there is a cabinet of tools: they were David Shaner's tools, and have been put there for the resident artist to make use of. These are the tools and brushes I have chosen to use so far.....I have just read a transcript of a long interview Gerry Williams recorded with him in 2001 - so I really have a feeling of the man who used these tools. The interview is here.

And these are what I have bought at the wonderfully stocked Archie Bray Clay Business store - a short walk across the yard. The Dolan Tools fettling knife at the top is in use all day.

Today I have started to use another type of clay - a groggy stoneware body with which I plan to throw some tall pots, but first I am using it to pinch round pots to add to the group I made yesterday in porcelain.

Decorating continues

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Mark Smalley said...

It is wonderful to see your works progressing day by day, thank you for sharing these insights. The tools look to be good quality..the ones I buy here wear out far too quickly.