Sunday, 12 February 2012

"Network" exhibition opening at Guldagergaard

On friday afternoon I took the train and bus to Guldagergaard in Skælskør to see the exhibition of the season's second "Network" group in the Applehouse Gallery. Brilliant sunshine all the way, sub-zero temperature, and a light dusting of snow.
This is  Boeslunde Church seen from the bus, just a few kilometers from Skælskør.

Applehouse Gallery, Guldagergaard

At 16.00 the first guests arrived.....
 The exhibition was opened by Nina Hole, while the "giraffe" by Networker Yoshiko Naragino from Japan, seemed to be looking in another direction.

Yoshiko Naragino (Japan)

Anne Laycock (UK) wearing her sensational ceramic neckpiece

 Two views of Anne Laycock's trans-window work

"Castles make me Lonely"
Matthew Drennan Wicks (USA) 

Matthew Drennan Wicks (USA) 

Matthew Drennan Wicks (USA) 

Christina Schou Christensen (DK)

There was a great deal of interest in Christina Schou Christensen's fascinating works which utilise the melting properties of glaze to create bizarre, many-legged structures.

"The Rise and Fall of Bornholm"
Matthew Drennan Wicks (USA) 

Miriam Szankowski (Israel), center, discussing her work

Miriam Szankowski (Israel)

Irina Razumovskaya from Russia 

Yoshiko Naragino (Japan)

Yoshiko Naragino (Japan) and elephant

Kayleigh Porter  USA
"Antidote - Pinch series"

Kayleigh Porter USA
"Bodyscape 9"

 Artist-in-Residence, Junpei Omori, Japan with Matthew Drennan Wick's work 

Slagelse station, on my way home, friday night

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