Thursday, 24 November 2011

Carved wooden spoons

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Such a collection of spoons can only inspire one to pinch many small bowls to set them off.

Thank you to Inger Jørgensen who tracked them down for me in Nairobi, and brought them back to Denmark.


Anonymous said...

those tiny spoons are fabulous ...i wish i lived closer to Nairobi so i could get some, i think Tasmania is bit far and my hubby hasn't the patience to carve that small...spose i could try ,hmm have to think which wood would be best.
i love your little salt bowls too they work so well togother.

woodfirer said...

The spoons were bought at a craft shop called "The Weaver Bird"
If you contact them and send a picture (From my blog) perhaps they will mail them. They are so small and light...
Here are the details:
Jacquelene Resley (Managing Director, Product Designer)
P.O. Box 14170-00800 Nairobi, Kenya.
Mobile: +254 733 729 788
Tel: +254 20 2017275 /6