Friday, 5 March 2010

Delivering work

Yesterday I delivered small eranthis vases to the Kunstindustrimuseet's shop in Copenhagen. Here is the courtyard of the museum still with a smattering of snow.
In the foyer of the museum stands this splendid raku vase by Per Weiss

Here are the some of the eranthis vases, and here two lovely porcelain teapots made by Christian Bruun on sale in the shop.

Blue sky in Copenhagen yesterday


John said...

I love your collection of little pots - they look great together! Congrats!

Linda Starr said...

the trees in the courtyard complement the tall buildings, wonderful group of pots.

Anonymous said...

your work is beautiful as always... lovely little vases. that big striped piece in the lobby is magnificent. i do love that type of decoration. reminds me of someone.