Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Throwing with soft clay...

Thrown this morning

Thrown yesterday, now with thumb-holds

I am going to be at Guldagergaard from Saturday for a month of kiln firings. (3 Train kiln and one cross draught firing..)
To be sure that there will be enough work to fill the kilns, I have been throwing from early morning and filling boards with cups - throwing is a joy after all the pinching of porcelain.
When I get back in September I am going to have a Studio Sale with many, many cups ...... I have the "Ant" cup I made for the competition in Carouges to sell, because it did not get accepted.

"Rejected" cup

I have work in the Summer Show at Galerie Besson, London, opening on 11th August.


Matthew Katz said...

My name is Matt Katz and I write Slipcast Blog ( I am collecting a master list of ceramics blogs. I have added your blog to my list, Please check it out. If you know of a blog that I have missed. Please let me know.
Love your blog,

Anonymous said...

beautiful cup and saucer... can't believe it got rejected.