Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Kiln unpacked and pots transported home.....

Round coiled and pinched porcelain pot - 9 inches high

Now it is half past nine in the evening and I have started to unpack the pots I packed straight from the kiln earlier today, when I had hardly a chance to look at them.
I live nearly two hours drive from Guldagergaard and the kiln.
All in all my work turned out well - perhaps the little salt pots
were better than the larger bowls, and this tall pot (18")

which I was expecting so much of has weird fine hairline cracks in the glaze - they don't go right through, but they have attracted all the carbon trapping which has underlined them in a rather unfortunate, bruised-looking way. I must solve this problem. I thought it was caused by the work being fired raw, so everything was bisqued this time. The cracks are almost in a brick-like pattern. It could be that they are cracks in the terra siggilata layer- that would explain the carbon trapping getting in underneath and around the crack.... Next time I will restrain my urge to put terra siggilata on everything and see if I can be free of this particular effect!

Sten Lykke Madsen and some of his work from the firing.

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