Monday, 2 February 2009

Firing next tuesday - 10th Feb

I'll be firing the "Skælskør Express" Bourry-Box kiln at Guldagergaard next week, packing on monday and firing on tuesday.
Must remember to check that there is a new chimney pipe either already mounted or ready to be put up, as last time I fired there in November the pipe was lacy with holes.....
I have about 50 pinched bowls ready for the firing, but as yet no new shapes and sizes to ensure my future exhibiting survival. But there is still a week to go.

As usual, when I am going to be transporting work to the kiln, I am bisque firing them. If I make them on the spot I would raw-fire them. Now, as I finish decorating them I put them in the kiln. It should be full tomorrow.

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Linda Starr said...

I have been concentrating on pinched forms lately due to limited space and just posted about pinch pots, but my pots are nothing like your wonderful and beautiful bowls, Good luck with your firing.