Monday, 2 February 2009

Firing next tuesday - 10th Feb

I'll be firing the "Skælskør Express" Bourry-Box kiln at Guldagergaard next week, packing on monday and firing on tuesday.
Must remember to check that there is a new chimney pipe either already mounted or ready to be put up, as last time I fired there in November the pipe was lacy with holes.....
I have about 50 pinched bowls ready for the firing, but as yet no new shapes and sizes to ensure my future exhibiting survival. But there is still a week to go.

As usual, when I am going to be transporting work to the kiln, I am bisque firing them. If I make them on the spot I would raw-fire them. Now, as I finish decorating them I put them in the kiln. It should be full tomorrow.

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