Friday, 7 November 2008

The intoxication of woodfiring

I am busy sorting and packing the work to be sent to London.
Apart from five bowls which are already in the gallery which appear on the invitation and two bowls with celadon spots from the exhibition on Bornholm, all the work in the exhibition will be from the last firing. They hang together in a quite special way and play up to each other in colour and texture.
Some are a creamy corn colour - with pink spots - terracotta terrasiggilata . Others are rusty, crusty, dry and dark .....
I am putting them into groups where I also sort according to variations of shape. A few have warped quite dramatically and those are at the moment my favourites. At the same time I am thinking of the next group of bowls I would rather be making instead of battling with bubblewrap.........
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