Friday, 5 September 2008

"Notes from my Childhood" - Group of pinched porcelain bowls

Here is the first of the pictures Ole Akhøj has taken of my bowls: This is one of the two groups I was planning to enter in the NCECA Clay National 2009, but have just given up in frustration as the application system simply won't recognise my credit card details.
But Gallery Besson has invited me to exhibit in November/December so they can go there instead.


Deborah Woods said...

I am absolutely loving your work. Very nice pots. Good luck with your entries.

Taylor said...

That's a shame. I like your work very much and might be able to make NCECA this year. I would like to have seen it in person again. I've only seen your work in person one time: in Flagstaff Arizona during the Tozan woodfire converence. If I had been braver, I might have gone up to you and introduced myself. I believe I recognized you from a photograph or the internet. Of course I could be completely mad as well.