Monday, 25 August 2008

Trying to photograph bowls for the NCECA Clay National Application

Today I have been trying to photograph two groups of bowls - one with two bowls with celadon spots, and the other a group of five dark, oval-warped bowls. The photographs I have already don't have a high enough resolution for the application, and now, trying too hard, they are coming out all wrong. Too shiny, or too crooked...
Now I have booked time at our best photographer of ceramics - Ole Akhøj - on thursday - to see if he can capture what seems to eluding me.
Particularly the celadon bowls are difficult to capture. So I have just taken some different angles to be prepared for the session at Ole's on thursday. He can work out how to get their translucency, and avoid all the shadows!


lucyfagellapottery said...
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Anonymous said...

I found your work through Michael Klines blog. Your work is so beautiful! Good luck with NECECA!

I wrote a post today about photgraphing pots.