Thursday, 31 May 2018


Pinchpots in China
A residency at Lanzhou City University, Gansu Province, China

23rd May - 15th July 2018

I am one of three invited artists as artist-in-residence and visiting professor at Lanzhou City University, taking part in this Summer Residency at the Lanzhou City University. 
The other two participants are Patsy Cox, Professor at California State University, Northridge, Los Angeles, USA and Keith Ekstam, Professor at Missouri State, Springfield, Missouri, USA. The whole concept of the residency, and the organisation of the project together with his Chinese counterparts, is in the hands of Keaton Wynn - Georgia Southwestern State University.

On the 22rd May I flew from Copenhagen to Stockholm, where I switched planes to the Air China flight to Beijing, and from there caught a connecting flight to Lanzhou.
Arriving at Lanzhou airport I was met by two students from the ceramic department and a driver. The airport is about 70 kms from the city, and the fine toll road passes through a landscape dominated by strangely eroded mountains. 

We are staying for the duration of the residency in the small hotel “Shijia Inn” 5 minutes walk down a shady street from the Ceramic Studio of the Lanzhou City University.

We are having most of our meals at a restaurant attached to the hotel.
Dinner - from an enormous menu with many imponderable translations, but fortunately photos of everything on the menu.



Stalls outside the hotel - just in case



On Sunday, after the morning studio time, we (Keith, Patsy and I) set off to walk down to the Yellow River - with the help of vague verbal instructions and digital maps. Here is a little photo sequence of the walk.

It took me some time to get used to the clay and t o find out just what it could and could not do: it throws well, is very short” for coiling, but does pinch quit

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